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  • o By using our website, you agree with all our terms and conditions and applicable laws in relation to our services.
    o You may not copy or misuse any of our information as it will lead to serious consequences unless otherwise it is in the legal context.
    o Any damage of product during our services is not our responsibility; you are solely responsible for any damage occurred.
    o We not entertain refund policy, once you have made payment; we are not in a position to refund back.
    o Customer is responsible for all the information provided by them is true or correct.
    o Customer is liable for any breach of terms and conditions; we are not responsible for any breach of rules.
    o All the information mentioned on our website is only for the purpose of providing information regarding our services.
    o Customer can solely choose payment method and once payment method has been adopted, we are not responsible for any difficulty arises related to payment.

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