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Dishwasher Repair Service

Regularly cleaning a dishwasher not only enhances its wash performance and efficiency but also reduces odour formation and improves its life. It becomes a Life savior when we run out of time. If you face issues related to Dishwasher, problems like-

  • Clean the dishwasher exterior
  • Clean dishwasher accessories and removable parts
  • Clean the tub
  • Clean the filter issue , etc

Dryer Repair Service

Dryer is the most important home appliance and very basic and common home appliance that every household have, if suddenly Dryer stops working, it will definitely create lot of problem for every individual in the house.. If you face issues related to microwave oven, problems like-

  • Door control
  • Built-in Heater
  • Tilted Drum and Extra Large Door Opening
  • Water Circulation issue, etc

Refregirator Repair Service

During summer, few hours without refrigerator can completely spoil your day as your food will get spoil, in summers everyone needs cold water or juice, without refrigerator it’s very difficult to survive during hot summer, i.e. refrigerator is most important home appliance for every human on earth to keep your food fresh and protects for a longer time and act as survivor during summer. So, If you face any issues related to refrigerator, just dial our toll free number and our experienced technical expert will reach out at your door step and ensure that the repair job is done effectively and effectively. Some common issues related to refrigerator that customer generally faces are-

  • Evaporator fan not working
  • Refrigerator door not open and close properly
  • Water leaking on the floor
  • Water dispenser not working
  • Issues related to ice maker
  • Motor or compressor requires repair or maintenance, etc.

Microwave Repair Service

Microwave lifted household convenience to a new level. A conventional oven heats food very slowly from the inside out but a microwave cooks food six times faster than a conventional oven. Microwave ovens also save energy because you can cook immediately and Quickly without waiting for the oven to heat. It becomes a Life savior when we run out of time. If you face issues related to microwave oven, problems like-

  • Your microwave needs repair or maintenance
  • Microwave is not starting
  • Microwave is not heating properly
  • Any electric circuit issue, etc

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines actually make our life easier in this busy going schedule. It’s a basic necessity of every individual now a days. If you are facing issues related to washing machine or your machine requires maintenance or repair service, we are here to help you out with the issue. Some of the common problems that generally arise while using washing machine are-

  • Not cleaning clothes properly
  • Washing machine is not spinning
  • Excessive vibrations during operation
  • It requires maintenance, etc
  • Washing machine is not starting
  • washing machine creates noise at the time of operation

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